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USB to 9-Pin RS232 Converter

USB to 9-Pin RS232 Converter

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The USB-to-RS232 serial port converter is the ideal accessory for laptop and desktop computers that do not have a COM or DB9 serial port. Supporting both PC and Mac systems with baud rates up to 1Mbps for rapid performance, it offers a convenient connectivity solution for industrial automation systems, scientific instruments, point of sale systems, and other specialized industrial and consumer applications.

Connect RS232 serial devices such as modems, serial printers, mobile phones, or digital cameras with serial interface via this converter and simply plug directly into the USB bus of your computer. (Similar to U232).


  • Support the RS232 Serial interface
  • Full compliance with the USB Specification
  • Up to 1Mbps data transfer rate

Length: 80 cm

Colour: Aqua (appears blue in picture)

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