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STM8 Minimum System Development Board

STM8 Minimum System Development Board

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This low-cost board with the STM8S103F3P6 MCU is an ideal and cost-effective way to put the power of the STM8S family into your embedded computing designs. The board has all the pin-outs on 0.1" / 2.54mm header, and it has a micro-USB connector along with header or solder pads for 5V input power

It also has SWIM connector for programming and debugging and a USER LED connected to PORTB_5.


  • Up to 16 GPIO
  • 8KBytes Flash Program Memory
  • 5 ADC Channels, 10-bit Resolution
  • 1KByte RAM
  • Multipurpose Timers
  • UART, SPI, I2C Peripherals
  • WatchDog Timer
  • PWM Timer
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