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Radxa Camera 219, 8MP (Meant for Zero 3E/3W)

Radxa Camera 219, 8MP (Meant for Zero 3E/3W)

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Whilst meant for the Zero 3E / 3W, this will work with a number of other SBCs as long as you have the device tree setup correctly and the relevant drivers installed.

You can see relevant connector types for cameras and boards at


  • Sensor: Sony IMX219
  • Pixels: 8MP
  • Cable: 22p0.5mm to 15p1mm Ribbon, 150mm
  • Interface: MIPI CSI2 Dual-Lane

Compatible Radxa Products

  • Zero 3W / 3E
  • ROCK 4SE / 4A / 4B / 4A+ / 4B+ / 4C+
  • ROCK 3A / 3B / 3C
  • ROCK 5A / 5B

Product Page:

Note: SBC / DevBoard not included. Shown for illustrative purposes only!

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