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Platima 8x8 WS2812B MCU/SoC BOARD ONLY

Platima 8x8 WS2812B MCU/SoC BOARD ONLY

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A GlowBit/NeoPixel style 8x8 panel designed to be used with a variety of MCU/SOCs, with tight packing and mounting holes for arrangement, as shown in video (insert video URL).

This version does not include any componentry!


  • Board Size: 80mm x 80mm
  • Board Thickness: 1mm (FR4)
  • Mount Positions: 8mm x 16mm
  • Mount Hole: 2mm

There are two holes on each side of the board so that in a non-square pattern they can still hold rigid.



  • USB-C power input appears to work as it negotiates 5V on QC and PD lines
  • Main 10A power pads appear to work fine
  • Signal via DIN works fine as shown in video (note that isolation is only for USB-C lines)
  • LEDs all work fine

Faulty in V0.1

  • STM32F103 incorrectly wired to 5V, do not use it'll release the magic smoke
  • USB-C ports not ideal location


  • USB-C ports for DIN/DOUT operation
  • RP2040 functionality
  • ATmega328P functionality
  • ESP32-WROOM-02 functionality

Currently charged at-cost whilst in development.

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