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M.2 E Key to SATA Breakout Board

M.2 E Key to SATA Breakout Board

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M.2 E key to SATA Breakout Board is a solution for expanding the storage capacity of embedded systems.

M2.E is an interface used to connect embedded devices, typically used to connect storage cards, WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, and other devices. The SATA interface is an interface used to connect hard drives, typically used to connect solid-state drives, mechanical hard drives, and other devices. With this expansion board, users can connect SATA interface devices to the M2.E interface, thereby expanding the system's storage capacity and performance.

This expansion board is very easy to use, just plug it into the M2.E interface and then connect the SATA device to the expansion board.

Description: Convert M2.E port to SATA port
Dimension: 22mm x 30mm x 7mm

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