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Luckfox Pico Max - 1.2GHz ARM + RISC-V SBC

Luckfox Pico Max - 1.2GHz ARM + RISC-V SBC

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Luckfox Pico Max is a cost-effective Linux micro development board, based on the Rockchip RV1106 chip to provide a simple and efficient development platform for developers; Supports a variety of interfaces including MIPI CSI, GPIO,UART,SPI, I2C, USB, etc., which is convenient for developing and debugging quickly.

This version includes double the RAM of the Pico Pro, and then 256MB (2Gb) SLC NAND Flash, and a 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet port, along with a slightly improved ISP (RV1106G3), and extra GPIO pins over the base model. 


  • Processor: Rockchip RV1106G3
  • Architecture: Cortex-A7
  • NPU: 0.5 TOPS
  • ISP: 5M @ 30fps
  • RAM: 256MB DDR3L
  • Camera: MIPI CSI 2-lane
  • USB: 2.0 Host/Device
  • GPIO: 26 Pins
  • RTC: 2-pin JST connection for RTC battery
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Controller & PHY with RJ45 Interface
  • Storage: 256MB NAND + Micro SD



Note: Headers NOT soldered.

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