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Milk-V Camera Module for Duo

Milk-V Camera Module for Duo

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Compatible with any dual-lane (15-pin) MIPI CSI-2 interface, this tiny and affordable camera ain't bad at all. This is the current hardware version 1.1 (PCB label DUO_SENSOR_V1.1).

Also known as CAM-GC2083.


  • 1/3 Inch Sensor
  • 2.7μm x 2.7μm FSI Pixel Size
  • 1920x1080 Active Image 
  • RGB Bayer Colour Filter
  • RAW 10bit/8bit (assuming they mean you can choose)
  • Up to 30fps
  • 15-pin MIPI CSI-2 Dual-Lane Connector (16P accounting for the spacer)
  • Power:
    • AVDD28: 2.7~2.9V (Typ.2.8V)
    • DVDD: Generated by the internal regulator (Typ.1.2V)
    • IOVDD: 1.7~1.9V (Typ. 1.8V)
    • Consumption: 128mW @ 1920x1080p30
  • Frame Sync Support
  • Windowing Support
  • Mirror and Flip Support
  • 64x Max Analog Gain
  • 3.24V/lux.s Sensitivity
  • 74db Dynamic Range
  • 37dB Maximum SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)


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NOTE: Comes with 2x 8cm (3 inch) cable, factory lens included. REMOVE CLEAR LENS COVER BEFORE USE, else it'll be blurry.

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