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BF350 Resistance Strain Gauge

BF350 Resistance Strain Gauge

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BF350 High-precise resistance strain gauge is a foil metal strain gauge, widely used in pressure sensors and weighing sensors. It shares features of high accuracy, good stability, fully-closed structure, and automatic compensation of temperature and creep.

Its backing material is made of modified phenolic while its gate wire is made of Constantan materials.

BF350 is mainly fit for 0.02 level manufacturing crafts pressure sensor which means its output deviation should be controlled within 0.02 so its precision is really high.


  • Size: 7.4mm(length) x 4.4mm(width)
  • Strain Limit: 2.0%
  • Fatigue Life:≥1M
  • Resistance: 350 ohms
  • Contrast: 800: 1 (Min) (transmission)
  • Sensitivity Coefficient: 2.00-2.20
  • Using Temperature Range: -30 to 80C
  • Tolerance of Average Resistance: ≤±0.1%
  • Sensitive Coefficient Dispersion:≤±1%
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