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Assembly & Optional Flashing / Programming

Assembly & Optional Flashing / Programming

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To assist those with motor or vision impairments, those unsure of how to do so, or simply those that want to be lazy, I am happy to assemble and optionally flash any applicable devices for a small fee.

This includes connecting ribbon cables, inserting SD cards, attaching eMMC modules, and even soldering headers.

Software/firmware flashing any SD cards, eMMC modules, or onboard storage such as eMMC and SPI, will be limited to vendor-supplied firmware. All applicable products and components must be purchased, and cannot be sent-in for this service.

Please specify in the order notes what assembly or flashing you would like performed. I will contact you via email if there are any concerns.

It is important to know that there is no warranty offered for software, but I will test it after flashing. Similarly, any soldering will void vendor warranties as it is considered to be modifying the product.

Returning any 'assembled' products will incur a re-stocking fee as the products can no longer be sold as new.

I couldn't not use these hilarious GPT4o 'realistic' images! Enjoy!

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