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36V Bushed DC Motor ESC PCB V1.2

36V Bushed DC Motor ESC PCB V1.2

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The modern Arduino-based (Atmega328p) brushed DC motor speed controller as seen on Electronoobs! I ordered PCBs for myself, and are just selling the spares at cost.

This version of the code has minimum speed detection but it doesn't have speed limit yet. It has only current limit with the feedback from the ACS712. The code starts with the BJT turned ON so we have GND at the MSOFETs gate so those would be OFF. Then, according to the throttle pot, we increase the PWM signal, which is inverter, 255 to 0 instead of 0 to 255, because the BJT acts as an inverter. We only activate the PWM signal if the speed is higher than a certain value and throttle is in the lowest position. We do this for safety. We don't want the motor to start from 0, that will put it into humming mode and draw so much current it could burn the circuit. So, first, the user should pedal a bit and then accelerate

No components are included, these are the board only. PCB by PCBWay. Component sourcing, soldering and programming will be required.



  • Layers: 2
  • Copper: 1 oz
  • Material: FR4 TG150
  • Thickness: 1.6 mm
  • Finish: HASL w Lead
  • Solder Mask: Blue
  • Silkscreen: White
  • Dimensions: 80 x 45mm
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