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Platima Rule(r)s PCB Ruler

Platima Rule(r)s PCB Ruler

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Measure trace widths. Check component sizes. Figure out freedom units. Spread solder paste. Peel an apple. This ruler does it all!


  • Material: FR4 TG150
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Finish: Gold ENIG pads
  • Length: 15cm or 30cm (5.90in or 11.81in)
  • Hole: For hanging it up
  • Features: Easter eggs

The more orders I get for this, the more features, colours, etc I'll add. If it gets popular enough, I'll release a premium version.

Design by Platima, PCB by PCBWay.

Note: Any Easter eggs that feature references to third-party brands, groups, communities, individuals, companies, foundations or the like, are no endorsement of any such entity, and are not added for any commercial attribution but rather so that a unique version of the board exists for those communities to enjoy as a hidden or otherwise unadvertised feature of that release.

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