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15A 5-36V PWM MOSFET Driver

15A 5-36V PWM MOSFET Driver

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This is a PWM MOS driver, which is based on two AOD4184A MOSFETs in parallel, which reduces the resistance thus allowing higher current. Normally you'd get about 10A, but this allows up to 15A continuous. With this module, you can control DC motors, pumps, and more.

An onboard LED indicates the current status, with terminal blocks for DC in and out, and J1 header pins for PWM control.

This module does not include opto-isolators. It's recommended that you add an external one.


  • Working Voltage: 5V - 36V
  • Output Frequency: 0-20KHz
  • Continuous Current: 15A
  • Maximum Current: 20A
  • Expected Load: 400W
  • Working Temperature: -40 - 85℃
  • Size: 34 x 17 x 17 mm

Note: Header pins may not be included in all packages. GND, DC- and OUT- are a common connection.

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